Thursday, July 29, 2010

Skorne are BACK (baby!)

With my new Skorne deck, and as of yesterday, my new Hordes Primal MKII book, I'm setting aside my unwashed (and mostly unpainted) mass of Khadorans, and jumping back into Skorne!

I'm forcing myself to stick with the new and improved MKII pMorghoul for now, as he seems like a perfectly good warlock on paper. (Early results have been discouraging however, albeit against some nasty Cygnaran gun-lines). With his ability to shut down focus spending and forcing within a small area, he is excellent at mitigating counter-charges by warbeasts and 'jacks. This seems to counter tar-pit strategies very well. Meanwhile, with Overtake and Sprint, Morghoul can do a lot towards whittling down the opposition's infantry. I can go on, but without any painting or game reports, I really can't justify such a long post.

'Till next time, be generous: give a little pain!