Thursday, August 5, 2010

Early scouting for the Empire! ( Gencon Report )

So I'm standing in line waiting my turn to give pp my money, but I've had the chance to peruse some of the skorne stats from FoH:Skorne.
Aptimus Marketh
Warlock attachment
He collects souls which he can spend to pay the warlock's upkeeps
He can cast one of the warlock's spells up to 3 cost.

1 point more than the AG
2 attacks, same weapon strength characteristics
Can use the souls
Can advance and attack out of activation if skorne friends dies nearby.
Can swing both weapons a la manticore

Avg mat, speed
Unlucky def and arm
Reach, halberd type p+s
If it kills, it wants to kill again.
(no more rules, very straightforward unit. That's right, they are not masters of their sword wielding arts)

That's it for now

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